Environmental Waste Minimization, Inc.

EWMI was founded, and continues to grow, based on the strong foundation of principles, values and beliefs that emphasize a unique partnership with our clients. It’s a partnership which provides a superior environmental management service through a combined commitment to strict adherence to the governing environmental regulations along with a new order of customer service and satisfaction.

At all times, EWMI maintains the highest level of health and safety standards. We ensure that there is a course of action in place to reduce incidents — on every job, every day.

EWMI is affiliated with the leading quality assurance networks for contractors. That lets you know that we’re safe, qualified, and environmentally responsible.

In today’s world, companies need to be prepared in case of emergency or disaster. RRI provides a NO COST, NO HASSLE emergency response contract with guaranteed locked-in pricing so your company knows who to call.

EWMI ranks #24 in Top 100 Private Companies

Lehigh Valley Business' annual list of the Greater Lehigh Valley region's Top 100 Private Companies has been published. EWMI is in good company at the top 25% of the most successful private businesses. LVB's Maestros and Mentors


Our leadership team shares over 80 collective years of hands-on experience in environmental management services. Their intensive backgrounds in the management of hazardous waste, waste disposal, site assessments, compliance audits and remediation outfit them with the skills needed to assess and solve environmental challenges for our commercial, government, and public sector clients.


EWMI’s permitting and licensing ensures we can provide you with a broad range of environmental management services.

California License  # 978096

California issued a license for these four classifications:

C12 – Earthwork and Paving

C21 – Building Moving, Demolition

HAZ – Hazardous Substances Removal

C34 – Pipeline



New Jersey A-901

The State of New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection (NJDEP) licensed EWMI as a solid, medical and hazardous waste transporter to pick up, transport or dispose of waste in New Jersey.


Issuing Agency Title Permit #
California Hazardous Waste Transporter Permit 6108
California Public Works Contractor License 1000015946
Connecticut Hazardous Waste Transporter Permit CT-HW-75-743
Delaware Hazardous Waste Transporter Permit DE-HW-535
Delaware Solid & Infectious Waste Transporter Permit DE-SW-1172
Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration Hazardous Materials Safety Permit US-781684-PA-HMSP
Illinois Uniform Liquid Industrial Waste Transportation Credentials LIW0781684MI
Illinois Alliance For Uniform Hazmat Transportation Credentials UPW0781684MI
Kentucky Hazardous Waste Permit PAR000501577
Maryland Special Medical Waste Hauler Certificate SMH095
Maryland Controlled Hazardous Substance Hauler Certificate HWH642
Michigan DEQ Uniform Liquid Industrial Waste Transportation Credentials LIW0781684MI
Michigan DEQ Alliance for Uniform Hazmat Transportation Credentials UPW0781684MI
Minnesota Uniform Liquid Industrial Waste Transportation Credentials LIW0781684MI
Minnesota Alliance For Uniform Hazmat Transportation Credentials UPW0781684MI
Nevada Uniform Liquid Industrial Waste Transportation Credential LIW0781684MI
Nevada Alliance For Uniform Hazmat Transportation Credential UPW0781684MI
New Jersey A901 Waste Broker License N/A
New Jersey Certificate of Public Convenience & Necessity SW2765
New Jersey Solid Solid Waste & Medical Waste Transporter Permit DEP No. 25580
New Jersey Hazardous Hazardous Waste Transporter Permit DEP No. 50218
New York Part 364 Waste Transporter PA-354
Ohio Uniform Liquid Industrial Waste Transportation Credentials LIW0781684MI
Ohio Alliance For Uniform Hazmat Transportation Credentials UPW0781684MI
Oklahoma Uniform Liquid Industrial Waste Transportation Credentials LIW0781684MI
Oklahoma Alliance For Uniform Hazmat Transportation Credentials UPW0781684MI
Pennsylvania Hazardous Waste Transporter License PA-AH 0682
Pennsylvania Pennsylvania Municipal & Residual Waste Transporter Permit WH0329
Pennsylvania Infectious Chemotherapeutic Waste Transporter PA-HC 0219
Virginia Erosion and Sediment Control's Responsible Land Disturber 32823
Virginia Hazardous Waste Transporter PAR0005015777
Virginia Regulated Medical Waste Transporter IWT00000102222
West Virginia Uniform Liquid Industrial Waste Transportation Credentials LIW0781684MI
West Virginia Alliance For Uniform Hazmat Transportation Credentials UPW0781684MI
US DOT PHMSA Hazardous Materials Certificate of Registration 062912 551 099UW
US EPA EPA ID Number PAR00501577


EWMI has been providing services for over 20 years. Within the field of environmental management, EWMI sets the standard for full service from remediation to lab pack to emergency services. As an employee-owned company, you can be assured of a vested interest in the success of our client partnership.

  • Remediation & Field Services

    Successfully managing any remediation project, regardless of scope or complexity, is our goal. EWMI achieves this through proven and
    cost-effective solutions that isolate the real issues and eliminate redundant clean up expenditures.

    EWMI offers a complete line of remediation and field services — providing both an onsite and in-house manager for each project. Our experience and commitment to quality have made us a leader in the remediation industry. We utilize the most technologically advanced methods available, always meeting and exceeding all safety and compliance regulations.


    Cost-effective solutions… hands-on experience


    EWMI can successfully manage any remediation project, regardless of scope and complexity. We do this through the use of proven and cost-effective solutions, thereby isolating the real issues and effectively eliminating redundant clean up expenditures.


    Furthermore, our combination of hands-on experience and state-of-the-art knowledge gives us a real industry edge. All of our field personnel are 40-hour OSHA certified and medically monitored annually. Our field crews will always consist of EWMI employees, allowing for the positive, and proven, results of true teamwork.

    Our remedial services include:

    • Brownfield restoration

    • Buried drum identification & removal

    • Capping projects

    • CERCLA (Superfund) site remediation

    • Cleaning & removal of piping systems

    • Cleaning & closure of plating line

    • Contaminated soil remediation

    • Containment strategies using low-permeability boundaries

    • Earthwork site preparation

    • Facility closure/decommissioning

    • Facility decontaminating

    • Groundwater & mobile water treatment systems

    • Groundwater treatment & product recovery

    • In-situ/ex-situ stabilization & solidification

    • Lagoon closures

    • Landfill caps/upgrades/closures

    • Oil/water separation & filtration

    • onsite soil stabilization

    • onsite thermal treatment of RCRA/TSCA, petroleum & coal tar contaminated soils

    • PCB management – transformer retrofill

    • Rapid response studies for uncontrolled spills of hazardous materials

    • Remediation for real estate developers

    • Stream remediation & restoration

    • Subsurface exploration programs & contamination assessment studies

    • Thermal desorption

    • Underground & above ground tank cleaning

    • Wetland construction & remediation

  • Transportation & Disposal

    EWMI tracks all waste shipments from cradle to grave with a system unique to the industry, while our strict health and safety policies ensure our OSHA record is much lower than industry average TRIRs.

    EWMI is fully equipped to facilitate the transportation and disposal of drums, cubic yard boxes, totes, roll-offs, dump-trailers and bulk liquid tankers. We can also remove, transport and dispose of hazardous wastes and petroleum products in your tanks, as well as dispose of the containers themselves. Wherever there is waste, we will remove and dispose of the materials and ensure complete decontamination of the site.


    Not only is our pricing for these services competitive, we guarantee a quick response to your needs. That’s because EWMI maintains its own fleet of trucks, fully permitted (EPA ID# PAR000501577) for the transportation and disposal of hazardous and non-hazardous wastes throughout the Mid-Atlantic and Northeastern regions of the United States. Our extensive fleet includes:

    • Vans/box trailers

    • Vacuum and non-vacuum insulated tankers

    • Bulk tankers

    • Stake trucks

    • Freight vans

    • Roll-offs/hoppers

    • Flatbed trailers

    • Dump trailers


    Call on us to dispose of virtually any hazardous and non-hazardous waste:

    • Air & water reactives

    • Ammonia & phosphate fertilizers

    • Flammables & corrosives

    • Fuels

    • Heavy metal-bearing wastes

    • Industrial liquid wastes

    • Oils & oily wastewater

    • Off spec/outdated products

    • Paint wastes

    • PCB’s

    • Refinery wastes

    • Resource Conservation & Recovery Act (RCRA)-listed waste

    • Sludge

    • Solvent wastewater

  • Demolition & Decommissioning

    EWMI’s Demolition and Decommissioning Division will safely and cost-effectively demolish the structure, while simultaneously selling the recoverable assets to reduce the overall cost.

    EWMI’s facility decommissioning program begins with a detailed building materials assessment, calculating quantities of recyclable metals, masonry materials, salvageable equipment, and non-recyclable building debris. The revenues generated from the sale of the assets often reduce, eliminate, or potentially exceed the cost of actual removal and demolition.


    Our Demolition and Decommissioning Division will safely and cost effectively demolish the structure, while simultaneously selling the recoverable assets on the open market for their highest value. By partnering with its clients, EWMI assists with maximizing the asset revenue stream, and minimizing the demolition field cost and performance schedule.

    Our services include:

    • Asset recovery & management

    • Asset loss prevention & theft deterrent

    • Asbestos removal

    • Ballast removal & recycling

    • Building demolition

    • Bulb removal & recycling

    • CFC reclamation

    • Concrete crushing

    • Emergency & insurance demolition

    • Excavation & disposal

    • Facility decontamination

    • Highest health & safety ratings

    • Interior dismantlement

    • Maximize recycling

    • Meet critical time schedules

    • onsite field operation

    • Permits

    • Pipe decontamination, cleaning & removal

    • Pit, drain, tank, vessel cleaning & removal

    • Regulatory compliance

    • Site restoration

    • Structural demolition

    • Subcontractor scheduling & management

    • Transportation

    • Waste approvals

  • Soil Management

    Like any valuable resource, soil must be properly managed in accordance with current regulations. EWMI can help you achieve sustainable and cost-effective disposal and recycling solutions. Count on us for soil classification, gridding, sampling, transportation and disposal of all soils, and site gridding for disposal purposes.


    • Transportation (union & non-union trucking options)

    • Excavation & loading

    • OER & NY DEC formal submittals

    • Scheduling of trucking

    • Waste approvals & facility

    • Scheduling

    • Generation of all required paperwork

    Soil management services include:

    • onsite project manager

    • Pre-characterization grid

    • Sampling plan

    • Soil analysis data & facility

    • Acceptance criteria evaluation

    • Sustainable disposal options


    Our Credentials:

    $15 MILLION liability insurance

    NJ licensed A-901 soil transporter & manager

    MBE/WBE/DBE capabilities



    Reduce your business risk with our lab pack services. Hazardous, non-hazardous, unidentified, contaminated or outdated chemicals will be classified, documented and packaged to DOT and EPA regulations.

    1. Identification and Classification

    All lab pack items are collected and identified prior to segregation, according to chemical compatibility (flammables, corrosive acidic liquids, water reactives, etc.). If items are unknown in nature, EWMI chemists will complete a chemical identification analysis immediately onsite.


    2. Packaging and Labeling

    An EWMI specialist will pack items into DOT-approved packages in accordance with the DOT HM-181 guidelines and in a manner to obtain the best disposal or recycling technology available. EWMI can tailor package to meet your approved treatment, storage and disposal facility requirements. All containers are properly labeled, including a content inventory, and marked to comply with US EPA and US DOT regulations.

    3. Manifesting and Documentation

    Once all of the drums have been packaged and labeled, EWMI’s specialists will complete the necessary manifests and associated documentation — including land disposal restriction notifications. All documentation is presented to the generator for review and authorization prior to transportation of the waste.


    4. Transportation and Disposal

    All of the facilities EWMI utilizes have passed rigorous audits and are in complete compliance with federal and state regulations. EWMI has developed its unique disposal matrix based on the chemical re-utilization of waste items. On an ongoing basis, EWMI explores new and more cost-effective methods for our clients' benefit.

    EWMI provides Lab Pack services to manufacturing and engineering divisions, R&D labs, schools and universities, state and local municipalities, government institutions, residential households, hospitals and medical institutions.


    Different from other lab pack service providers, we develop unique solutions for our clients’ specific needs through a special four-step process:

    Complete solutions for:

    • Identification & classification

    • Packaging & labeling

    • Manifesting & documentation

    • Transportation & disposal

    • Surprise audits

    • Waste storage area maintenance

    • Emergency response


    Waste Disposal for:

    • Acids & alkalis

    • Animals & animal bedding

    • Biohazardous/infectious

    • Flammables

    • Hazardous waste

    • Non-hazardous waste

    • Obsolete chemicals

    • Oxidizers & reducers


    Industrial Maintenance:

    • Dismantlement of air handling systems & duct work

    • Emergency response

    • Fume hood decontamination

    • Lab room dismantlement, decontamination & relocation

    • Lab vacuuming/sweeping – daily, weekly or monthly

    • Mercury decontamination


  • Emergency Services

    Accidents happen. It’s not a question of “if”… it’s a question of “when.” Being prepared now can mean peace of mind for you at a critical time.

    In todays world, it’s become ever more clear that companies need to be prepared in case of emergency or disaster situations.


    Since 1995, Rapid Response, Inc. (RRI) and Environmental Waste Minimization (EWMI), RRI’s sister company, have been providing comprehensive environmental services through their combination of highly skilled staff and extensive service lines.

    Emergency services include:

    • Cargo recovery

    • Chemical spills

    • Demolition

    • Incident management

    • Insurance claims


    • Mercury cleanup

    • Oil/fuel spills

    • Post-fire cleanup

    • Product transfers

    • Remote opening capabilities

    • Training


Our staff of highly trained professionals are specialists in the industries they serve—veterans at tailoring our services to your specific requirements. As the case studies below illustrate, EWMI has built up a vast reservoir of experience in virtually every area of environmental management.

Remediation & Field Services

Transportation & Disposal

Demolition & Decommissioning

Soil Management

Lab Packs

Emergency Services

Brake manufacturing site

EWMI was contracted to perform extensive excavation & capping of two (2) areas of concern (AOC’s) at this brake manufacturing facility. Site preparation included the removal and re-location of chain link...


Helical pile excavation

EWMI was hired for both the design and building/performance of an engineered excavation to remove mercury contaminated soils beneath a building from an old manufacturing plant in southern...


Chrome factory site remediation

Excavation and reconstruction and alteration of an existing environmental cap. Surgical excavation through existing multi-media cap. Demolition of abandoned concrete foundations...


Soil/sludge removable along active railroad

EWMI was contracted to provide multi-faceted remediation services at this manufacturing facility located in Salem County, New Jersey. The project objective was to remove ~4,000 tons of impacted...


Hydrofluoric acid tank cleaning and liner removal

EWMI was recommended to this Ohio based company by one of our current clients. This client had a tank that formerly contained 70% hydrofluoric acid. The acid compromised the 1/4-inch chlorobutyl...


Reconstruction of environmental cap

Excavation and reconstruction and alteration of an existing environmental cap. Surgical excavation through existing multi-media cap. Demolition of abandoned concrete foundations and footers...


Former international chemical company site

Several areas of concern (AOC’s) required remediation by the LSRP at this former site of a major international chemical company. EWMI was chosen from several bidders to manage the complete remediation...


Chemical manufacturer's lagoon/basin cleanout

EWMI was selected from four (4) bidders to manage the complete removal of sediment from this lined lagoon (180 x 280 feet). This lagoon was at an active manufacturing plant with a constant flow of water coming into...


Wastewater treatment plant

This active waste water treatment plant, one of the largest on the east coast, was currently being upgraded to manage new state and federal discharge guidelines. EWMI was contracted to demolish...


Major international
petroleum company

This California project was a second phase to the original project that started EWMI’s West Coast operations. Fifty two (52) above ground storage tanks (AST’s) were decommissioned and demolished by...


Major international photography wholesaler

EWMI performed a strategic, surgical demolition of a film process manufacturing line to prepare utilization and reconfiguration of an area for warehouse storage. EWMI conducted a...


Major international chemical & petroleum company

This massive demolition and decommissioning project in California propelled EWMI to commence a West Coast operations division. A major international chemical and petroleum...


Lead content soils

EWMI conducted a Lead Waste Fill and Sediment excavation along a prestigious lake in Sussex County, NJ. EWMI deployed a temporary aqua dam to hold back water and dewater inside the barrier to safely...


Sub cellar chlordane trenching

After a catastrophic fire severely damaged a New York City Synagogue in 2011, restoration and rebuilding included the discovery of pesticide impacted soil under the building’s existing concrete floors...


Sandy soil engineered excavation

This large scale excavation involved sandy soil conditions to depths of 50 feet. Both shoring and sheeting as well as benching were proposed by EWMI. Ultimately, benching was chosen over driving sheeting...


General Lab Pack examples

Whether weekly, monthly, bimonthly or per-project, EWMI's Lab Pack services provides identification and disposal of hazardous and non-hazardous wastes.


Fuel leak from truck accident
on I-78 and into the
Little Lehigh River

The spill occurred on a rainy day and the rain moved some of the material down a drain that led to the Little Lehigh River. Rapid Response (RRI) initial response involved placing absorbent material on the spill...


Paint leak caused by an offloading pump clog

Rapid Response, Inc. was called to perform emergency services for an existing client at one of their client’s facilities. The client was delivering paint in rail cars. While paint was being offloaded, the rail car valves...


Leak of hydrogen peroxide and acid based sterilizer

This confidential facility manufactures products for human consumption. As part of their process, certain equipment and lines must be treated with a sterilizer. The sterilizer is a solution of Hydrogen...



As one of EWMI’s core values, safety is part of our culture and a strong guiding force in all we do. That’s why we’ve created a Safety Committee, regulated by and adhering to PA DEP guidelines. Here’s a look at the key aspects of our ongoing commitment to safety:


Daily Safety Tailgate Meetings

Before the start of every workday at each job site, the project manager conducts a safety meeting with the crew. This helps to ensure that safety is always top of mind for everyone involved in a project.


Blue Card Safety Documentation

Employees are given “Blue Cards,” a handy form that allows them to document any safety-related issues they observe — good or bad. Our Health & Safety Manager reviews the cards and promptly takes the necessary action to rectify an unsafe situation or acknowledge positive safety situations.


Outstanding Safety Record

At EWMI, we are proud of the fact that we have previously achieved over 1 million work hours without an LTI (loss time injury). This is tangible proof of our unwavering commitment to creating and maintaining safe work environments.  Our safety record speaks for itself as we reached over three and a half years without a recordable incident and currently hold a 0.33 three year average TRIR.


EWMI received the Pennsylvania

2017 Governor's Award

for Safety Excellence

 Issued by the

PA Department of Labor & Industry


Rapid Response Inc. (RRI), a sister company to EWMI, provides immediate response to any emergency — from oil spills to chemical leaks to explosives. What’s more, thanks to RRI’s affiliation with Environmental Waste Minimization, Inc. (EWMI), they have resources to handle the emergency situation and the follow-through. After containment and cleanup, the job can be easily turned over to EWMI for remediation, treatment and disposal. The whole process is seamless and affordable.

  • Immediate response, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week
  • Coverage for all types of emergencies from Level D to Level A
  • Fully trained and certified staff and response teams
  • For more information, please visit www.rri-hazmat.com


24/7 Emergency Response Hotline: 877-460-1038


 Services Include:

  • Cargo recovery
  • Chemical spills
  • Demolition
  • Incident management
  • Insurance claims
  • Mercury cleanup
  • Oil/fuel spills
  • Post-fire cleanup
  • Product transfers
  • Remote opening capabilities
  • Training

Emergency services are available nationwide.

24/7 immediate response area:

Scott Soden

Response Manager


EWMI/RRI – Pennsylvania

14 Brick Kiln Court
Northampton, PA 18067

Tel: 484-275-6900


EWMI/RRI – California

1898 S Union Avenue
Bakersfield, CA 93307

Tel: 888-237-9048


24/7 Emergency Response Service
If you have an immediate emergency please call:


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