Case Studies

General images from Lab Pack jobs

Dental equipment manufacturer's R&D facility

Type: Lab Pack
Contract Value: $1,000,000 annually
Period: Weekly | 10 years
Work Areas: Lab pack services and waste pickup.


EWMI has provided lab pack services on a weekly basis at a large research and development facility for a major international dental equipment manufacturer over our 10 year relationship. Each weekly service to this customer provides new challenges and experiences. EWMI chemists work with the client on multiple fronts to find economical disposal options for a vast array of non hazardous and hazardous waste materials. Via bulk accumulation of solids, metal reclamation, and utilization of a multitude of disposal facilities, EWMI works very hard to achieve the most cost effective solution for the client. EWMI also assists with efforts to find options for reduction of all waste streams. Major tasks include lab packing of outdated and unusable materials, decontamination of various production rooms, stabilization of temperature controlled materials, and on call services for any emergency spill or immediate pick up needs. EWMI services three different sites for this client, and also assists the client with annual reporting.

Multiple-location R&D facility and
manufacturing plant

Type: Lab Pack
Contract Value: $400,000 annually
Period: Bimonthly | 7 years
Work Areas: Lab pack services and waste pickup.


EWMI has provided lab pack services for the last 7 years for multiple locations for this company. Services for this company include both research and development facilities and the manufacturing plant. EWMI’s chemists arrive every other month and perform work about 2-5 days on site for each mobilization. Chemicals that are encountered span a wide degree of hazards. This presents the EWMI personnel with challenges regarding proper packaging, manifesting and shipping.

Specialty chemical manufacturing facility closure

Type: Lab Pack and Facility Closure
Contract Value: $100,000 + billed
Period | Location: Spring 2012 | New Jersey
Work Areas: Lab pack services.


High schools throughout New Jersey

Type: Lab Pack
Contract Value: $100,000 annually
Location: New Jersey (multiple sites)
Work Areas: Lab pack services.


This major environmental consulting engineer has hired EWMI personnel to perform multiple lab pack services at various high schools throughout New Jersey. EWMI’s chemists package chemicals in the biology and chemistry laboratories according to RCRA, DOT, and TSDF regulations while also using a number of disposal facilities that facilitate the best treatment for the customer’s disposal needs.

EWMI performed surgical and structural demolition services of this former Hydrochloric Acid plant including associates buildings, pipe racks, vessels, and process equipment. One of he project goals was to maximize the reclamation of building materials, and minimize waste and debris being shipped off site to a landfill. All recyclable metal and concrete materials were segregated from lighter debris (insulation, sheet rock, soft building products). Scrap metal was sold to offset the project costs. Waste masonry materials were stockpiled and later crushed for beneficial fill purposes.


Disassembly and demolition of all contracted items were completed in a timely fashion. Additionally, new demolition items were offered to EWMI, which were subsequently approved and completed. Zero loss time due to health & safety issues