Case Studies

Fuel leak from truck accident on I-78
and into the Little Lehigh River


Type: Emergency Response
Contract Value: Confidential
Period | Location: May—June 2014 | Allentown, PA
Work Areas: Respond to a large spill of diesel fuel and motor oil from a truck accident on an Interstate highway. The resulting spill went down drains and into the nearby Little Lehigh River.


The spill occurred on a rainy day and the rain moved some of the material down a drain that led to the Little Lehigh River. Rapid Response (RRI) initial response involved placing absorbent material on the spill area, estimated at 300 feet long spreading across all 3 lanes of traffic and both paved shoulders. Two street sweepers were used to pick up the sand and absorbent materials. Personnel with brooms worked the inaccessible areas. The Fire Department placed collection boom into the river to collect fuel that made it to the river. RRI deployed a perimeter of containment boom into the river. The containment boom was lined with collection boom to capture any material that continued to make it into the river. Once the boom was placed a fire truck was used to flush the drains with clear water to remove residual fuel and oil.


Under the highway bridge, over the river, the drain line leaked fuel and oil onto the surface soil. This area is a very active jogging trail. The area is only accessible by a small, restricted weight bridge. Small excavation equipment was brought in and excavated an estimated 20 cubic yards of impacted soil. Back-fill was brought in with small dump trucks, placed, compacted and graded. The boom was left in place for a few large storms to insure that all residual fuel had been collected. The impacted soil was transported out and across the small bridge using small loaders. The soil was placed into roll-off boxes for transportation and disposal at an approved facility. The entire project was completed without any injuries of health and safety issues.

Leak of hydrogen peroxide and acid based sterilizer


Type: Emergency Response
Contract Value: confidential
Period | Location: June 2014 | Breinigsville, PA
Work Areas: Remove residual product from tote tank, remove spilled material from the containment, wash building, remove contaminated soil, provide immediate transportation and disposal.


This confidential facility manufactures products for human consumption. As part of their process, certain equipment and lines must be treated with a sterilizer. The sterilizer is a solution of Hydrogen Peroxide, Acetic Acid, Peracetic Acid, and Nitric Acid. The sterilizer is temperature sensitive and must be stored between certain temperatures in order to prevent a reaction. Due to lack of temperature management, the material reacted and sprayed within the small portable storage building and into the built in containment. A very small amount leaked under the door and into the soil outside.


Rapid Response (RRI) was called in to cleanup the spill. Specifically, the RRI response crew used specialized pumps to remove the remaining material from the tote tank in which the material was stored and remove material which had accumulated in the containment of the building as a result of the spill. The interior of the building was flushed with a clear water wash, using brushes to loosen the material. All rinsate was pumped into the same portable tank as the residual product to lower the concentrations and render the material more stable. The impacted soil around the building was removed and containerized. Once all material was removed and containerized, and the building was flushed with clear water, the affected areas were treated with a Sodium Bicarbonate solution to neutralize any remaining acid.

Paint leak caused by an offloading pump clog


Type: Emergency Response
Contract Value: $30,000
Period | Location: 24 hours | Fernley, Nevada
Work Areas: Emergency services. Clearing of lines, pump and valve. Transportation and disposal.


Rapid Response, Inc. was called to perform emergency services for an existing client at one of their client’s facilities. The client was

delivering paint in rail cars. While paint was being offloaded, the rail car valves, discharge hose, and offloading pump became clogged with

hardened latex. Valves could not be closed due to the clog nor could hoses or pump be disconnected. After reaching out to multiple response

contractors in that geographic region, our client called RRI for assistance. Through our network of response subcontractors, RRI was able to

provide service within 24 hours of notification in this somewhat remote area of Nevada.


The RRI subcontractor arrived on site with the proper equipment and proper personnel to clear all of the lines, pump and valve and close and

cap the valve to the rail car so that it could be removed from the facility. Waste generated was properly packaged and removed for disposal.

This emergency project was completed without any additional spillage and with zero injuries. Our client’s client expressed their pleasure with

the speed and safe manner with which this project was handled.